Slow Down With Prinze George’s “Speed Demon”

“We aren’t kids anymore.”

November 20, 2015

Prinze George teamed up with ESHOVO on "Speed Demon," a track about the dangers of the fast life. The song "is a metaphor for some friends we grew up with, who keep getting older and are up to the same old tricks," Prinze George tells FADER via email. "[They're] continuing to push their bodies... in the same risky ways. It's a bit of a warning too, because we aren't kids anymore and I worry about them sometimes." That concern comes through in the slightly mournful vocal delivery.


This contrasts with the bright, appealing visual for the track, which was filmed in an arcade. "After we'd written the song, we were wandering around Dave & Buster's over the summer and I noticed an arcade game called 'Speed Demon,'" Prinze George explains. "I immediately thought about the song, and we all agreed on how fitting it would be to film the music video there... so we returned a couple weeks later with a couple camera's and shot it guerilla style." Watch above, and buy the single here.

Slow Down With Prinze George’s “Speed Demon”