This Is How The FADER FORT Became An Institution

Every year, the pages of The FADER magazine are brought to life for SXSW.

November 20, 2015

Every spring since 2002, the pages of The FADER have been brought to life in the Eastside of Austin at FADER FORT, a multi-day hangout that is now a SXSW staple. The FORT has played host to dozens of acts big and small (sometimes at the same time, like when Puffy and Lil B shared the stage) and housed countless likeminded souls interested in music from across all musical genres.


As former The FADER editor-and-chief Matthew Schnipper explains in the above oral history, The FADER FORT is "not just [artists] interacting on the pages of a magazine, they are people interacting backstage. They are following each other, playing songs that intermingle. Their audiences are being able to be exposed to each other, and all of a sudden their audiences are the same audience."

As we celebrate the milestone of our 100th issue, we are proud to present a series of videos exploring The FADER's legacy. Check them all out here.

This Is How The FADER FORT Became An Institution