Listen To “Power,” Jeff Chery’s Sinister Flex Track

The Haitian rapper’s debut EP Cherubic 6lues will be out on Brod’nski's label Bromance.

November 23, 2015

Although Haitian rapper Jeff Chery calls major hip-hop breeding grounds Brooklyn and Atlanta home, his music has managed to catch the attention of French producer Brodinski across the ocean in Paris. After being impressed by Chery's mixtape Rolling Stones 2, Brodinski signed Chery as the first rap act on his label, Bromance Records.

Premiering below, "Power" is Chery's first single off his debut EP Cherubic 6lues. Refusing to get worked up, Chery plainly illustrates the control he has over his woman by slurring over sinister strings and chants, delivering the words as if he's already passed out. He dribbles his auto-tuned melody over ominous, plucky bass; What do you want/I got everything, seems less of a question and more of a threat.


"This was the last track I recorded on Cherubic 6lues," Chery said to The FADER over email. "I honestly wasn't even going to record it at first. Loved the production but at the time, I didn't hear myself on it as much as [the producer Sam Tiba] and Brodinski did. I went to the club one night, came home wavy as the ocean shore, and ended up blessing damn near the whole crib with good energy. I went straight to the recording room, threw the beat on and just freestyled the whole record. It became one of my favorite records to date."

Jeff Chery's debut EP Cherubic 6lues will be released December 4th via Bromance Records.

Listen To “Power,” Jeff Chery’s Sinister Flex Track