Embrace Your Feelings With Annika Zee’s “Crazy”

It comforts, celebrates, and reclaims our right to feel.

November 24, 2015

New York-based multimedia artist Annika Zee brings us her new track, “Crazy.” The song begins with her vocals: It's not so easy being normal/ It's not so normal being open, and the track posses you within moments. The low-fi production accompanies her soothing vocals and turns the song into a crate of feels. It's a track to have on repeat as the world creeps into winter, to accompany you as you slip into some kind of seasonal gloom. To remind you that when you’re feeling crazy, lonely/ It's alright.

"Crazy" is about how expressing feeling is increasingly perceived as unacceptable if it's not through an ironic lens,” Zee told FADER over email. “How, in relationships and in real life, we sometimes have to hide the intense edge of sincere emotion in order to not be perceived as 'crazy.' It comforts, celebrates, and reclaims our right to feel.”


“Crazy” is the first single from Annika Zee’s upcoming album Aging Aesthetics, which is set to be released in December. According to Zee, the art for “Crazy,” speaks to the album as a whole. “I put my face in a scanner to make the single art—it's a selectively cropped, hyper-real, hi-def image of the self, reflecting the digitization of real life and questioning how image is portrayed in the internet age,” she said. “The upcoming tape will explore that more—it's themed around the strangeness of coming of age in a turbulent culture amidst the inescapable chaos of the media."

Embrace Your Feelings With Annika Zee’s “Crazy”