JoJo Delivers A Stunning Acoustic Performance Of “Say Love”

The singer belts out the most emotional cut from her comeback tringle.

November 24, 2015

The release of JoJo's tringle—her trio of comeback singles—in August was one of the most blissful music moments of the year. One of the three songs, "Say Love," gets the unplugged treatment in a video that premieres on The FADER today.


In the clip, JoJo explains the song's origins. "Every song on the album is true to me," she says. "I can't sing something, whether I wrote it or not, that I can't feel. I had a girlfriend in the studio with me that was going through the exact thing. She had been the first to say I love you and he didn't say I love you back. She was crying while I was recording it and I knew that I had tapped into something. I had put myself in her shoes and I wanted to feel what she was feeling."

Watch the clip above and read our interview with JoJo.

JoJo Delivers A Stunning Acoustic Performance Of “Say Love”