Rustie Shares “First Mythz” Video

A new visual for the EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE track.

November 24, 2015

Whales, dolphins, surfing—anything and everything ocean-related flits through Rustie's "First Mythz" clip at high speed. It all seems cobbled together from grainy old VHS footage. The producer unveiled the video this afternoon while doing a Reddit AMA.


During the AMA, Rustie spoke about a potential collaboration with Hudson Mohawke—"we have collabed b4 but never released anything we keep talking about it releasing something at some point tho"—and the possibility of more work with Danny Brown: "whenever he wants I've sent him beats." He also offered advice for aspiring musicians: "just make what u want to hear. when ur djing and there is a missing link between genres sometimes its inspiring to bridge that gap and just make it yourself."

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Rustie Shares “First Mythz” Video