Thug Entrancer Announces Arcology

And shares “Curaga.”

November 24, 2015

Ryan McRyhew, who makes music as Thug Entrancer, plans to release his second album next March. Arcology will arrive courtesy of Daniel Lopatin's Software label. According to a press statement, the album will trace "a sonic narrative of an imagined alien colony existing between the fabric of known and unknown worlds." Milton Melvin Croissant III assisted McRyhew with artwork and visuals.

"What interests us the most in science fiction," Croissant III explains, "is the ability to construct a new universe, culture, and environment. World-building is something we strive for individually in each of our creative practices. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to use the music of Arcology as a framework to create a universe." McRyhew adds, "The album title stems from the idea of a structure or object that is entirely self-sufficient and life-generating with little to no outside influence."


Look for Arcology on March 4. Check out the full tracklisting and "Curaga" below.

1. ROM
2. Ghostless M.S
3. Arrakis
4. Low - Life
5. Terrain
6. Ronin
7. Arcology
8. Exo - Memory
9. Curaga
10. Tight Lean (perispirit Mix)
11. Bronze
12. VR - Urge
13. Wage Mage III
14. Xeno


Thug Entrancer Announces Arcology