Erykah Badu Shares But You Caint Use My Phone Details

Her new mixtape came together in just 12 days.

November 25, 2015

But You Caint Use My Phone arrives this Friday via iTunes/Apple Music and December 4 on other platforms. According to a press release, "each song [on the mixtape] makes reference to telephones and our own reliance on staying inter-connected." The entire project came together in 12 days with the producer Zach Witnessin.

Badu is calling her new sound "TRap & B" (not far from Bryson Tiller's "Trap Soul"). The press release stresses that "Badu and Witnessin dedicated a lot of time to precise mixing work, toying with EQs and other filters so that the sound’s frequency and vibration move in tandem to capture a feeling she refers to as 'sympathetic vibration.' Badu also used a tuning fork and Tibetan singing bowls to fine-tune these details, with the goal of creating a sound that brings peace and tranquility to its listener. It is a sound that Badu herself refers to as a 'whole new frequency' for fans."


Check out the full tracklist below, and read the singer's FADER interview.
1. Caint Use My Phone Suite
2. Hi
3. Cell U Lar Device
4. Phone Down
5. U Use To Call Me
6. Mr. Telephone Man
7. U Don’t Have To Call
8. Whats Yo Phone Number
9. Dial’afreaq
10. I’ll Call U Back
11. Hello

Erykah Badu Shares But You Caint Use My Phone Details