T-Pain Teams Up With Plies For “Or Wut”

Who needs stuffing when there’s new Tallaheesee-Pain?

November 25, 2015

Stoicville: The Phoenix is still on the way, but tonight T-Pain is back with a slow burning Netflix and chill anthem called "Or Wut." We was watching a movie, not that bitch watchin' me watchin' you, he coos, Tell your roommate to stop being nosey/ 'cause we about to get cozy.

"The song is pretty self explanatory," T-Pain said of the song, which he cooked up with Plies just last night, in an email to The FADER. "I was working on it last night and it just felt super sexy and I knew I had to let my fans hear it. It's nothin official, just something to hold the fans down until I drop Stoicville: The Phoenix."


And as to when we can expect to see Stoicville, T-Pain deferred with an LOL: "You gotta ask RCA, they seem to have it all figured out."

T-Pain Teams Up With Plies For “Or Wut”