IYVES Illustrates Self-Evolution With “Let The Water Run” Video

The Brooklyn-based singer celebrates the announcement of her debut EP, Let The Water Run.

December 01, 2015

Brooklyn-based singer IYVES, premiers the video for “Let the Water Run,” the title track from her upcoming debut EP, Let The Water Run, set to be released later this month. Filmed in New Zealand, the video is comprised of shots of the country’s scenic views, with a strange insect-like creature slugging along its terrain. When the track begins the creature emerges from the ocean, and as the video progresses you see its journey as it fights to reach the top of a mountain. Along the way, it slowly sheds its coat so that by time it reaches the top, the coat is completely gone and a man emerges in its place. The video’s imagery not only captures the song's haunting melodies and eerier vocals, but also the importance of growth which lays at the song's core—keep climbing, be better, IYVES sings.


“The video is the lens into the journey of self-evolution and growth—a stylistic depiction of of endurance and determination during this process,” said IYVES in an email to the FADER. “ The shedding of the creature throughout the video symbolizes the idea of being authentic to yourself and unburdening all the ‘excess’ and getting down to the core of who you truly are.”

1. Let The Water Run
2. Grip
3. Trails And Vines
4. Wilinout
5. Murakami

IYVES Illustrates Self-Evolution With “Let The Water Run” Video