Peaches Shares Her “Most Insane Video Ever”

The artist releases a nudity-filled visual for her new album’s title track.

December 03, 2015

Here it is!!! The video for Rub! The most insane Peaches video ever!! Watch this bitches!!!! #rubpeaches

Posted by Peaches on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"What is the point of making a conventional [video]—what are you doing?" Peaches posed this question during an interview with FADER earlier this year. "What is art?" she continued. "You want people to have something to think about. I'm not trying to shock, I'm trying to promote discussion, promote change, to bring people closer. My goal, my philosophy, is [you should] feel comfortable in your own body. Which seems to be the most difficult thing for all of us to do. And for some, it’s much much harder."

The artist directed her new video for "Rub" with A.L. Steiner and Lex Vaughn. The song opens with a series of lusty lines: Tell on my pussy/ Whistle blow my clit/ Watch it open up/ Cuz it can't keep a secret. So it's not necessarily surprising that the clip for the track is full of naked bodies and sex. On Facebook, the singer described it as "the most insane Peaches video ever!" She added, "Watch this bitches!!!!"

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Peaches Shares Her “Most Insane Video Ever”