KLOE’s “Touch” Is As Irresistible As A Teenage Fling

The Scottish singer-songwriter shares a dramatic new video.

December 08, 2015

KLOE, 19, is a Scottish pop wunderkind. After headlining Glasgow music venue King Tuts a couple of years ago, the singer has recently signed with L.A.-based label IAMSOUND (Florence + The Machine, Charli XCX) and she's also curating a series of club nights in her native Glasgow called BLAKOUT.


A whirlwind of pop melody and humming bass, KLOE's latest single "Touch" feels like the sound of youth. The track's video follows in this vein, as it casts the singer and her friends in a night much like those that BLAKOUT hopes to emulate: a blur of packed dance-floors, followed by a stumbling walk home to a friend's flat to share cigarettes and stories of the night's events.

KLOE told The FADER, "'Touch' is a love song, but it kind of takes the piss out of how much we, as teenagers, exaggerate and over-analyze every single thing about it." She was inspired to write the lyrics after a relationship with an older man who introduced her to a world of drama and "made me grow up a lot." But while the song may be wise beyond its years, KLOE's frank pop still comes across as glittering and shimmering as a teenage fling itself.

KLOE’s “Touch” Is As Irresistible As A Teenage Fling