Atlanter’s Breezy “Jareeze” Is Set To Sea

The Norwegian group premieres a stunning video for their breakup jam.

December 10, 2015

"Jareeze," the first single off the second album by Atlanter, a psych rock outfit hailing from Norway, is a breezy jam about the frustration that follows heartbreak and lost love. The record, Jewels of Crime, will be out via Jansen Plateproduksjon on January 22, but in advance of that, they're sharing this stunning video for "Jareeze."


Atlanter's Jens Carelius told The FADER in an email that, "Jareeze was written on tour, in a hotel room after a show in Tromsø. I can remember that hungover feeling kicking in as I wrote and I think it’s still there, bubbling under in that song. I's about an ex of mine called Jareeze who would always wear high heels. Our wasted love was just never meant to be."

Director Frode Fjerdingstad (of Norwegian production studio Frode & Marcus) took this tale of expired passion and focused it around an older, lovesick man. “The idea was to take the story of the song out of context and make the break-up story of Jukka, the actor," Fjerdingstad explained over email. "He sets out on a trip to try and forget about his obsession, Jareeze. He throws her shoes overboard, but that doesn't really do much. He tries to get Jareeze out of his mind but can't do it. He loses touch with reality and starts to see her in the form of jewelry and fantasizes about himself digging up Jareeze on a deserted beach. Then he gets really confused: Is he on the beach? Is he on the boat? Who is Jukka? Who is Jareeze?" Watch the blusteringly beautiful video above.

Atlanter’s Breezy “Jareeze” Is Set To Sea