London Trio Flowers Share Woozy Video For “Pull My Arm”

The camera shy musicians enchant in blues, reds, and purples.

December 10, 2015

Rachel Kenedy, Sam Ayres, and Jordan Hockley, the three musicians who make up London's Flowers, are camera shy. All the better, I say, to bring a rawness to this understated, colorful music video for their single, "Pull My Arm." Side-by-side frames in blues and reds collide seamlessly to create a woozy, echoey, dreamy feel, as Kenedy's enchanting voice warbles You know my head is no fun/ Now I'm pulling a gun/ You know I'll never be one. The trio recruited a dear friend to film it, and the final effect is as vulnerable and charming as the song itself.


Flowers' second record, Everybody's Dying To Meet You will be released February 2 via Fortuna Pop! and Kanine Records. Lead singer Kenedy says that "Pull My Arm" wasn't originally even going to be on the album. "We went on tour right after finishing the record, and on that tour we wrote 'Pull My Arm,' and annoyingly it was the perfect single for the album, so we had to book one more last day in the studio to record it," Kenedy told The FADER in an email.

As for the video, Kenedy says the band was, "dreading having to make one because the three of us Flowers are all very camera shy. We're terrible with press photos and all that stuff, we hate it! But this time our dear and very talented friend Finnigan agreed to make a video for us, so the whole process was actually really relaxed and fun. We feel like sometimes music videos, whilst looking really good, distract you from listening to the song they're accompanying. But Finn did a brilliant job of complimenting the song with the video and actually added something to the music rather than detracting from it."

Watch the video for "Pull My Arm" above, and pre-order Everybody's Dying To Meet You here.

London Trio Flowers Share Woozy Video For “Pull My Arm”