This Song Deserves To Become Vine’s Next Huge Hit

The world needs more of O’zilla’s “Brick Searching” and its “searching for the plug” dances.

December 10, 2015

How do you make sure Meechie hears a song?


South Central rapper O’zilla has been dumping tracks to Soundcloud for a few months, often in collaboration with his Make Believe Boyz crew of Oz Balboa and T’O. My favorite, hands down, is “Brick Searching,” released last month to way less attention—and way fewer tribute dances—that it deserves.

The concept is so simple—I cut my plug off, so now I’m brick-searching—and the song is too. Its three minutes only include 30 seconds of verse. But the hook is such a perfectly tight, slightly offbeat phrase that I’m nothing but psyched to hear O’zilla growl-shout about brick-searching ad nauseam.

"Brick Searching" owes an obvious debt to OG Maco and Key!’s Give Em Hell, and to "U Guessed It" producer Brandon Thomas’ spicy combo of loud bass and quiet piano, but, whatever—people always need something new to let out their stress out to.

This Song Deserves To Become Vine’s Next Huge Hit