Sol Aire’s “Mood II” Turns The Dancefloor Into A Dreamscape

Witness the birth of soul trance.

December 14, 2015

There comes a time during every night out—be it at a club, a rave, or a particularly lively night down at the bar—where the dancefloor and its denizens form a singular sweaty blur; a forest of limbs. That sensation is what New York producer Sol Aire is hoping to recreate on "Mood II," the title track from his debut EP — the first release from Bushwick electronic music label Purple Trax. In between tasteful synths and a soothing vocal sample that coos a blissful I don't caaaare, there is an air of undeniable release and surrender.

"I want to evoke a kind of soul trance where the listener's mood feels stable and at ease while expressing his or her best self," Sol Aire told The FADER. "To me, the title track represents the feeling I sometimes get on the dancefloor when I can't even see more than a foot through the fog."


Sol Aire's Mood II EP drops digitally December 17th, and he's celebrating the release alongside his label-mates at Purple Trax's fifth Label Night at the Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn on December 20th. Listen to "Mood II" and check out the flyer for the event below.

Sol Aire’s “Mood II” Turns The Dancefloor Into A Dreamscape