Chris Brown Shares “Wrist” Video With Solo Lucci

Royalty arrives Friday.

December 15, 2015

Recent Chris Brown videos have involved increasingly fantastical plots—take “Fine By Me,” where the singer ends up battling zombies. In “Wrist,” he gets sprinkled with magic powder, ends up in a world filled with shadowy dancers, and survives an assassination attempt. Thinkin’ ‘bout winter how you just sleep on me like mattresses, raps Solo Lucci. But that’s how it go—I’m getting’ that dough and I’m ‘bout to count up like it’s calculus.


“Wrist” is co-produced by the Mekanics, who are also responsible for Bryson Tiller’s “Exchange” and Jeremih’s “Giv No Fuks.” Watch above.

Chris Brown Shares “Wrist” Video With Solo Lucci