Watch A Relationship Dissolve Into Pixels In Deebs & Jarell Perry’s “Relapse” Video

Directed by Yoshino.

December 16, 2015

"Relapse" is an exhortation to escape a harmful romantic entanglement before it's too late. Jarell Perry offers encouragement—you can be what you want—and warning: keep going before you relapse. The beat, courtesy of the producer Deebs, becomes increasingly forceful as the song progresses, matching Perry's urgency.


The clip for the track marks the directorial debut of Yoshino, who previous work includes fashion photography for Elle. Along with Ben Reyes, he created an impressive visual in which people suddenly lose form and decay into heaps of pixels.

"Ever since Jarell introduced me to Yoshino Studios' work I've been a huge fan of the surreal environments he's able to create," Deebs explained to The FADER in an email. "I love how he's adapted the glitchy, digitized look that's present in his other work into this video, especially in the way the visuals transition and evolve." Perry added, "I've seen a lot of close friends, particularly women, deal with limiting beliefs about who they are and who they can be outside of a toxic relationship. It's a battle they are fighting with themselves, and for me it was important that the visuals represent that tension (and liberation) in a more unconventional way."

Watch above, and listen to Perry and Deebs' Shift EP below.

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Watch A Relationship Dissolve Into Pixels In Deebs & Jarell Perry’s “Relapse” Video