Mermen Are Sexy And 12 Other Things We Learned From Erykah Badu’s Reddit AMA

“I think of myself as spirit first, human second.”

December 16, 2015

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Erykah Badu hopped on Reddit today for a free-floating AMA. The singer shared her thoughts on other rappers, drugs, mermaids, and veggie key lime pie; she also revealed what kind of tea she made for Drake during their famous get together. Check out the whole conversation here, and read some highlights below. Revisit FADER's review of Badu's new mixtape.


On her favorite “new school” rappers: “Kids from Divine Council, Earl Sweatshirt, Thugger, John Poppy, Wiz, Future, Kanye still in there, Gucci still in there.”

On her similarity to D’Angelo: “I think that what we have in common is that we both create movements instead of albums.”


On tea she made for Drake: “I made Drake my cinnamon/lime surprise... stirred it in the direction of the planet's rotation.”

On Young Thug: “I love Thugger a lot… [he’s] in his own lane.”

On Tyler, the Creator: “Tyler is a genius. Period.”


On her favorite album of the year: “I’m really digging what Kid Cudi just put out. Courageous.”

On a normal day in her life: “I take kids to school when I’m home. I hustle on something, marketing or music… I cook dinner… I try to meditate with some tea in a bath of sea salt.”

On whether she’s done psychedelic drugs: “Nope. But I get the same feeling when I bite into a veggie key lime pie… I'm going to go get a veggie key lime pie.”


On the potential for Block Party II: “That would be fun as hell.”

On working with A Tribe Called Quest: “Was heavenly. Tip and I are very close. I was greatly influenced by Tribe. Learned a lot about jazz thru Tip.”

On mermaids and mermen: “Absolutely they are sexy.”

On the message in her music: “Be you.”

On her self-identification:
“I think of myself as spirit first;
human second;
man/woman/gay/straight third;
blk/white/purple 4th;
jew, christian, muslim fifth;
fat,tall,ugly, smart 6th;
nigga, honky,spic 7th...
just an observer here.
earth is cool.”

Mermen Are Sexy And 12 Other Things We Learned From Erykah Badu’s Reddit AMA