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Watch Richie Woods’ Video For “Wendy,” A Sad Song About Being Drunk

A bleary clip for a lovesick track.

December 16, 2015

Here's a very good home-recorded pop song you might have missed this year: "Wendy" by Richie Woods. It's a mumbly, molasses-paced track about drunk dialing an ex from his most recent Bandcamp full-length, which was mastered by bedroom-pop godsend Warren Hildebrand. When Woods sings I wanna make love in this club on the hook, he doesn't sound elated or turned-on like Usher does; he actually sounds pretty defeated. The video, a grainy trip through Woods' lonely subconscious, is also pretty bleak. "[It's like] a fucked up early-2000s R&B music video dream sequence," Woods told FADER in an email of the clip, which was directed by his friend Brian Kinnes. "...hanging out in my element, with beer, wandering the streets of NE Portland and sinking into the colors of my head or something." You get the sense that Woods' idea of "the club" doesn't have strobe lights or bottle service or a roped-off VIP area. It's more like an empty linoleum floor covered in crushed beer cans, where the only light is a single, sad, slow-spinning disco ball.

Watch Richie Woods’ Video For “Wendy,” A Sad Song About Being Drunk