Watch Horoscope’s “Juanita (Part 2),” A Bizzaro iPhone Art Film

The latest discharge from the Brooklyn multimedia artist’s odd mind.

December 17, 2015

Horoscope is the project of Florida-born, New York-based Rene J Nunez Cabrera, a multimedia artist who has released cassettes on noise-centric labels like Ascetic House and Acid Casualty Productions. Though his experimental live sets are known for being kinetic and corrosive, the music on his debut vinyl release for Brooklyn label Wharf Cat Records has more introspective properties. "Juanita (Part 2)" is a pretty bare-bones track, built on a simple synth phrase that sounds like a bagpipe, a few feedback gargles, and lots of low-buzzing white noise.

The no-budget video, debuting below, was made by Cabrera and his friends Autumn Casey and KC Toimil, who both play in the Miami art-rock band Snakehole. The result—which Cabrera says made him cry the first time he saw it—is some kind of hypnotic non-narrative featuring hazily disconnected footage that was filmed on an iPhone, including a recurring shot of a dull knife running along a bare-skinned midriff. "Maybe it's about having a slight insight into someone else's private world," Casey, who also edited the clip, told The FADER via email. "The whole thing is very vague, but seems to still evoke emotions that are unsure, melancholic, uncomfortable yet comforting at the same time. It's like ripping apart something and sewing it back to together simultaneously." Horoscope's El Espejo el y Mar is out tomorrow, December 18th, via Wharf Cat.

Watch Horoscope’s “Juanita (Part 2),” A Bizzaro iPhone Art Film