Listen To Murals’ “Long Bridge,” A Dreamy Track Written In An Abandoned Daycare

The Louisville trio premieres a song from its debut LP for Fire Talk Records.

December 17, 2015

The three members of Murals have been friends since high school. Now, nearly 10 years later, they've found their way back home to Louisville, where they now live together in a building that used to be a daycare. Lately, Murals have been spending their days writing and recording their debut album Violet City Lantern, in which they've drawn from their immediate surroundings: the Appalachian folk lineage of Kentucky, and the bygone innocence of the kids who once occupied their new home.

While they're also heavily influenced by the flighty baroque-pop style of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, Murals shakes off the dust of the ’60s and walks confidently towards the ’70s on "Long Bridge," the latest leak from their full-length, Violent City Lantern. Throughout the track, hints of psychedelia peek through in the form of swirling keyboard pads and the occasional guitar wah-wahs while a soothing, somber, reverb-swathed voice swallows you up.


"I remember the song developed very naturally, where all parts seemed to be there before we even knew it," Murals told The FADER in an email. "We decided then to get it onto tape as soon as possible. I think the result from this is the capturing of a real moment in time, where everyone's hearts were open and tuned to the song's feeling, free from any distortion that can come so easily in over thinking. The song is honest in this sense, which is something we feel is important both in the music we listen to and the music we play."

Stream "Long Bridge" below, and pre-order Murals' debut LP, Violet City Lantern, which drops February 19 via Fire Talk Records.

Listen To Murals’ “Long Bridge,” A Dreamy Track Written In An Abandoned Daycare