Lady Saw Defends Her Baptism And Forgives Her Rivals In Open Letter

“I care zero about my critics.”

December 18, 2015

Lady Saw published an article in The Gleaner today affirming her renewed commitment to Christianity. "Since my conversion to the Christian faith earlier this week, a lot of people have suggested that I'm not genuine," she writes. "But I didn't make the decision. God did... I have realized that there's a place in Heaven for me, even though I have a past that was not clean, even though I was vulgar, even though I did bad things onstage."


"I care zero about my critics," the dancehall star continues. "God is in me. He is working on me. My salvation is not a joke thing. I thought my Lord had abandoned me because I had turned my back on him. Satan is vexed right now."

Her conversion also led the singer to attempt to rekindle previously frosty relationships with her competitors in the world of dancehall. "God said I should forgive my rivals," Saw explains. "I forgive them and ask for their forgiveness. I love you, Spice. I love you Macka Diamond. I love you, Tifa. Forgive me if I hurt you. I let go of any animosity. We artistes were fighting for Satan. We wanted his crown. But our real crown is in Heaven for us... What I was doing was not of God. Forget the devil and work for Jesus."

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Lady Saw Defends Her Baptism And Forgives Her Rivals In Open Letter