The FADER Weekend Reading List

8 of our favorite reads from the week, on video games, chocolate, and pessimism.

December 18, 2015
The FADER Weekend Reading List Chaloner Woods / Stringer / Getty
How The Mast Brothers Fooled The World Into Paying $10 A Bar For Crappy Hipster Chocolate

Deena Shanker, Quartz


Mast Brothers' fancy chocolate bars are sold for about $10 a pop and have ignited a surge of fellow craft chocolate makers in 2015. But, it turns out that underneath that pretty packaging is reportedly not the hand-made stuff with the high-quality cocoa beans they claim to sell. Oops! Guess it's back to Hershey's. 🍫

The Women Taking A Stand Against Dating App Sexism

Rossalyn Warren, The FADER

“A lot of feminists who are vocal online get a lot of hate mail, but regular women receive violent messages just for existing online, and I don’t think that’s acknowledged enough," says Alexandra Tweten, the creator of an Instagram account called Bye Felipe, dedicated to posting screenshots of messages directed at women from men when they've been rejected or ignored—especially on dating apps like Tinder or OkCupid. Thankfully, it's not just Tweten taking a stand against the harassment that, yes, really does happen in the online dating world. Rossalyn Warren rounds it all up in this important piece.

The Father Of Video Games Was A Refugee To America

Arthur Molella, Huffington Post

In a political climate that's full of asshole politicians smearing refugees, it's important to be reminded that some of the best things created by mankind have come from people taking sanctuary in other countries. Like video games, "that quintessential American invention," as Molella puts it. The story of Ralph Baer and how he engineered one of America's favorite pastimes as a refugee from Hitler's Germany is heartwarming and cool!

The First Black Trans Model Had Her Face on a Box of Clairol

Jada Yuan and Aaron Wong, The Cut

This is the crazy, beautiful, and true story of Tracey Norman, the first black trans model—it was the '70s, though, so she kept it a secret—and how she was first chosen from a casting call for Italian Vogue by the Irving Penn. And then, well, the rest was history.

Meet Dilly Dally, The Band Behind Toronto's Most Cathartic Rock Songs

Anupa Mistry, The FADER

One of the best new punk bands, Dilly Dally, are from Toronto, which is also where Drake is from. Not only do they do a hair-raising cover of "Know Yourself," but their debut album Sore is insane as well. Here, Anupa Mistry talks to the band about how they're actually the poppiest-sounding of all their friends, and what it's like getting big out of a DIY scene.

A Pessimist's Guide to the World in 2016

Flavia Krause-Jackson, Mira Rojanasakul, and John Fraher, Bloomberg

There are so many things that could go wrong in 2016. Bloomberg's interactive story on what could possibly happen if Trump becomes president, or if there's a massive terrorist cyber attack is terrifying, but also weirdly calming? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why Today's Young Artists Are Staying In School

Juliet Liu, The FADER

School is cool!!! Getting an education while killing it in the real world is possible, and it's proved by Philly band Modern Baseball and many others, in this piece by Juliet Liu.

Trapped In Parole: How Biking In The Street Sent A Man To Jail For 6 Months

Emma Whitford, Gothamist

"Christen Conyers had been on parole for about sixteen months on the evening of June 22nd, when he rode his bike out of the Amsterdam Houses in Harlem to break his Ramadan fast at a fried chicken restaurant around the corner," is how this article begins. It's not surprising anymore to hear instances of how our justice system fails us, but it's important to be reminded. Especially when it's by a story so frustrating and moving like this one.

The FADER Weekend Reading List