Boston’s Jaalid Drops Promising Debut Single “Paradox”

I follow my dreams just to get it like this.

December 21, 2015

Boston singer Jaalid's ear was trained on his West Indian father's library of reggae and soca, his mother's love of jazz and '70s R&B, and whatever the local rap station Jamn 94.5 was spinning. As a result, he has a feel for melody and a hip-hop sensibility. This is showcased on his debut single "Paradox," which is premiering on The FADER today as a prelude to what he's got planned for the new year.


A wash of ethereal R&B with a little bop, it's a recollection of the work he's put in to get to here. "This song stems from the trials and tribulations one goes through when attempting to be successful in an industry that most people think is amazing—but in reality it's very stressful," he explained in an email to The FADER. "I have noticed that those who become successful in this industry do not always turn out to be as happy as they anticipated. During my journey to become an established musician I’ve had moments where I feel greatness only to be trumped by thoughts of anxiety and doubt. I called this track 'Paradox' because sometimes doing what you love can cost you who you love and who you are." I follow my dreams just to get it like this, indeed.

Boston’s Jaalid Drops Promising Debut Single “Paradox”