Your Wedding Could Be In T-Pain’s New Lyric Video

The singer appealed to his recently married fans.

December 24, 2015

T-Pain recently debuted a very classic-sounding love song at a concert for NPR. You won't believe the things I've been through to be right here, he sings, before proceeding to describe those things in detail: I almost died just to get to you/ I'd go to hell and to hell again, I'd gladly go back and forth/ From the mountaintops, from door to door/ let the whole world know, baby, I'm officially yours.


Yesterday the singer/songwriter put out an open call for wedding footage via Twitter. If the clips are romantic enough, they might end up in the lyric video for his new tune. (He's not the first artist to include fan nuptials in a recent clip: Maroon 5's "Sugar" video involved a series of weddings.)

Watch the live premiere of "Officially Yours" below, and revisit T-Pain's FADER interview.

Your Wedding Could Be In T-Pain’s New Lyric Video