Listen To Chief Keef’s “Redbull”

Another collaboration with DP Beats.

December 29, 2015

"I always think to the conventional trap sound—pianos, horns, strings," DP Beats told FADER earlier this year. "[Chief] Keef will go back and change the sounds to something weird, to a weird lead synth, but it's still hard at the same time. He brought the fun back to [producing] to me... He gives me new ideas. It showed me, all right, now I can really be myself. I ain't gotta just stick to what everybody's used to hearing."

The latest DP & Keef tune surfaced today in the form of "Redbull." The bass is turbocharged, and the lyrics touch on the dangers of excess: Why am I not breathing? These pills are some demons. Listen here, and revisit DP's Beat Construction interview.

Listen To Chief Keef’s “Redbull”