Watch Kendrick Lamar’s God Is Gangsta Short Film

A visual for “U” and “For Sale.”

December 31, 2015

Kendrick Lamar had a big year: To Pimp A Butterfly was critically acclaimed, sold more than 750,000 copies, and helped the rapper earn 11 Grammy nominations.


As a subtle reminder of his dominance in 2015, the MC shared a new seven minute clip on the last day of the year. God Is Gangsta encompasses two tracks from To Pimp A Butterfly, "U" and "For Sale." In "U," Kendrick swigs liquor from a bottle and raps in an inebriated haze: I fuckin' tell you, you fuckin' failure, you ain't no leader!/ I never liked you, forever despise you, I don't need you! Then the visual takes a sudden turn, as topless women and subliminal messages like "Good Dussy Can Make You Melt" and "Time Is Change" flash quickly across the screen. Watch above, and revisit the MC's FADER interview.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s God Is Gangsta Short Film