Boosie Releases In My Feelings (Goin Thru It)

A new 10-track project.

January 01, 2016

In November, Boosie announced that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Two weeks later, he underwent surgery and the cancer was removed. Recovery hasn't slowed the rapper down though; he shared a new release today.


Boosie recently explained the reasoning behind his latest project. "This end of the year has been crazy as u know," he wrote on Instagram. "I been going thru it but God always shake me back‼️ (Facts.) Last Christmas was the greatest. I was healthy n with family 🙏 this year I'm rehabbing from cancer surgery, me n a few people that's it, no Christmas tree, my kids not even here, but I'm still here n ain't going nowhere str8 up...N u see the cover yep I'm dropping a album on New Years on what I been going thru💯‼️‼️"

Listen above, and revisit the MC's FADER cover story.

Boosie Releases In My Feelings (Goin Thru It)