Scott Storch Reportedly Faces Another Lawsuit

From two men who allegedly helped him recover from bankruptcy.

January 04, 2016

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Scott Storch’s latest comeback attempt appears to be mired in new legal troubles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad and Seth Cohen allege that they funded the former super-producer—who declared bankruptcy in June—but that he is now violating the terms of their initial agreement of support.


The Cohens reportedly fronted at least $1 million to help get Storch back on his feet. Their goal was to “use his deep connections in the music industry to make money for the three of them.” But now they want out: the two men argue that, “Based on Storch's (a) history of drug use, including evidence of recent abuse; (b) prior squandering of monies received from providing services in the music industry; (c) overt affiliation with [Florence] Mirsky that has a real threat of diverting monies actually owed to CCS; and (d) sincere concern that CCS will otherwise not be able to collect monies to repay the significant contributions provided by B. Cohen and S. Cohen, an injunction and additional remedies in equity are necessary under the circumstances.”

Storch's lawyer, Richard Wolfe, disputed these allegations in a statement to THR. “The lawsuit attaches documents that are forged,” he noted. “The lawsuit was filed in violation of federal law and we will be seeking a federal contempt order against the plaintiffs and their lawyers. The lawsuit is not serious and the only reason it was filed is to garnish publicity for the plaintiffs. Accordingly, it will be treated as nonsense.”

Storch recently produced the Rick Ross/Chris Brown collaboration “Sorry.” Listen below.

Scott Storch Reportedly Faces Another Lawsuit