Dai Burger Gets Real For Black-And-White “Dai 1” Video

This goes out to the one who let his trapping queen get away.

January 06, 2016

Dai Burger—a hypnotic R&B singer and gritty rapper who emerged from New York's underground party scene—is a dream bad bitch in the black-and-white video for "Dai 1," a toothy tease off her recent self-titled EP. She smokes cigarettes sensually in an unmade bed, bathes clothed, and cooks dinner in her underthings, all the while tsk-tsking at the one who let her get away: How could you turn your back on me, so relaxed it seems?/ I'm your trapping queen, the one who kept you decked out in them iceberg jeans.


"Dai 1," Burger wrote of the rather raw video in an email to The FADER, "is very minimal and personal. It's stripped down to show the true artist behind my artistry. It introduces my singing for the first time and I wanted it to be received clearly."

"So here it is in black-and-white, clear as day—Dai 1," she added.

Watch the video, which was directed by the song's producer Chicken, above. For more Dai Burger, give her self-titled EP a spin.

Dai Burger Gets Real For Black-And-White “Dai 1” Video