B.I.C.’s “STFU” Is A Loud Song About Being Quiet

“We make noise, but silence means everything to us.”

January 07, 2016

"STFU" starts out relatively polite: the rapping is conversational and even-keeled; the tone is pointed but still observational. Why you talkin' 'bout this, why you talkin' 'bout that? Man, you talk too much. Why you always say something when it really ain't nothin'—man, you talk too much. That is is all just pre-amble though, a build-up to a roaring, abrasive hook: Don't talk about shit! BIC Media directed the clip for the track, which was shot with an iPhone 6S.


The track originally appeared on the Red tape last April. Listen to that below.

B.I.C.’s “STFU” Is A Loud Song About Being Quiet