Discover The Peculiar World Of U.K. DIY Outsiders From Nursery To Misery

This short documentary unearths the curious story of musician twins Tina and Gina Fear.

January 07, 2016

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, identical British twin sisters Tina and Gina Fear performed together in the experimental band From Nursery To Misery, producing lo-fi music that paired haunting electronic melodies with the twins' naive, childlike vocals. The band weren't particularly well known at the time and they're probably even less well known today, but they had a small and dedicated following on the U.K.'s DIY cassette scene: in their brief lifespan they released a handful of tapes (featuring the twins' homemade artwork) and appeared on dozens of compilations.


Though From Nursery To Misery have long been defunct, Tina and Gina never left each other's sides, and they currently live together in a small house in the woods near to the Welsh city of Swansea. Their story is the subject of a new documentary by director Matthew Reed, who traveled to their home and captured the two women's lives today. Now in their mid-40s, the twins discuss their mental and spiritual connection with one another, and how the idea of one day settling down with a partner is at odds with their desire to remain living together forever. Reed photographs the organised chaos of their living space and films the twins practising vibrational healing.

"The thing that drew me to Gina and Tina is how unplaceable they are," Reed told The FADER via email. "Both in their art and day to day lives, they operate completely outside of the mainstream and on their own terms. They've built this private, self sufficient universe for themselves and they are true artists. From the first time I saw a picture of them, I knew that these were unique people with a fierce truth about them."

"I like the idea of being rediscovered," Tina Fear told The FADER via email. "Although, I think I should have written more positive lyrics in the band. I was young at the time and wasn't impressed with the human race: how capitalism treats people, the planet and animals. I just found the negative facts of life so depressing and worrying."

While the film doesn't give too much away in terms of biographical information, it's nevertheless a fascinating (not to mention peculiar) story of two outsiders who remained determined to pursue artistic endeavors without ever seeking recognition from the wider world.

Discover The Peculiar World Of U.K. DIY Outsiders From Nursery To Misery