Joy Again’s “How You Feel” Sounds Like A Sunshower

The Philly foursome premiere this really sweet song about post-breakup infatuation.

January 07, 2016

Before the holidays, Joy Again shared their D.I.Y. video for "Looking Out For You," one side of their debut single, which is coming to us on January 15 via Lucky Number/Mermaid Avenue. The other side is "How You Feel," which is probably the sweetest breakup-slash-crushing hard song of all time. And it's sung with the most charming, off-kilter voice that will ever sing hey what's up.

Guys, I can't stop listening to this song, I'm addicted. I love the line that goes I wonder if we’ll ever be more than just my cloudy dream, because "How You Feel" sounds like it came from a really beautiful rain cloud with the sun shining behind it. The band's Arthur Shea told The FADER over email, "'How You Feel' is a song I wrote in Sachi [DiSerafino] and my dorm room at boarding school on his banjo before a forced holiday party on our hall. It's about my inability to speak to this girl I was infatuated with at the time just after having broken up with someone who really manipulated me into an extremely dark place." When you're trying to move on from heartbreak, remember that "How You Feel" exists, because words like I should stop/ Looking at my feet/ Start looking in front of me in a song that looks for a brighter future might help you keep your head up.


Joy Again is playing at Palisades in Brooklyn tonight. Stream "How You Feel" below, and pre-order the band's limited edition 7" here.

Joy Again’s “How You Feel” Sounds Like A Sunshower