Listen To Sadistic Candle’s Boogie-Inspired Tribute To His Grandfather

It’s from his double tape out now on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label.

January 07, 2016

Sun Araw's label Sun Ark just released a bunch of tapes, including a double cassette from sometime Sun Araw Band member Barrett Avner. It's called A.C. Band / Sadistic Candle, and the first tape finds him diving into his rockier side, while the second is, somewhat surprising, a boogie-infused tribute. Today The FADER is premiering "Pistol Pt. 8" from the latter: a guitar jam that bops and wobbles with flair.

"This is a cut from the Sadistic Candle tape, which is instrumental—the A.C Band portion is more vocal/song driven—but both serve a similar purpose although representing different life-sequences," Avner told The FADER. "My grandfather, Chuck Avner, owned the clothing store Man Talk International in Cleveland, Ohio. He dressed and socialized with many entertainers and athletes in the Midwest; notably a pre-costume Funkadelic, Steve Harvey, Grand Funk Railroad, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, etc. and was sort of a cult figure on the East Side. He lived life on his terms, was active in civil-rights, and never minced words or held back on a lewd joke or two. The entire album is a three-part dedication to him and his influence on my life, the principles he taught me, and a tribute to my youthful aspirations of playing professional basketball; guitar-laced boogie music to bump on the playground and in the dark."


Order the tape, along with others by artists including U.K. experimentalist WANDA Group, here.

Listen To Sadistic Candle’s Boogie-Inspired Tribute To His Grandfather