Posse’s “Voices” Is An Eerie Daydream

Stream the PNW trio’s new track off their forthcoming 7” from Wharf Cat Records.

January 07, 2016

Following up their 2014 full-length Soft Opening, Seattle psych group Posse will release two new tracks on a limited edition 7" called Perfect H next month. The first of these is "Voices," a deceptively minimalistic song entrenched in hazy guitar hooks and floating in Paul Wittmann-Todd and Sacha Maximʼs halcyon vocals.

The whole six-minute reverie is structured in layers and sung like a new take on an old story made up only of questions. They ask, If I gave up all my hobbies/ And you gave up yours, too/ Would we be OK doing nothing? and also Would you be OK if I changed? But there's an eeriness that comes mostly from the steady repetition of, Who are these voices I hear?/ Sounds like they're coming from a century ago, throughout the track, which is deepened in the song's finale when those mysterious voices suddenly sound like they're from a thousand years ago. Plus, the song ends on a note about the face of the "you" in question being pecked at by crows.


"Voices" is like a really weird daydream you might have right before a wave of existential dread. Posse's Wittmann-Todd told The FADER over email that the track was "the last song we recorded at our basement practice space, before it burned. I suppose practice spaces are always temporary, and ‘Voices’ is about time. How appropriate."

Stream "Voices" below, and pre-order the Perfect H 7", which is out February 26 via Wharf Cat Records.

Posse’s “Voices” Is An Eerie Daydream