Hinds Shares Their Favorite Songs For Every Mood

Ana García Perrote gifts us 12 tracks to help you navigate life’s up and downs.

January 08, 2016

Between an exhilarating set at Palisades on Wednesday and flying out to London on Thursday, we stole the chance to jump on the phone with Hinds' Ana García Perrote. Since we listen to Hinds in almost every conceivable situation, we wanted to know what Hinds listens to—what songs and artists soundtrack the ups and downs of their lives. Check out Hinds' official/unofficial soundtrack, below.

1. When they're feeling tired

"We love Flying Lotus' last two albums, we have this playlist that's just the two of them back to back. We call it music for the mornings, rhythms that just make you want to get out of the house and walk and smile with the sunshine, even when it's winter. The fact that he sometimes sings in Spanish really affects us, we're not used to that much music that we like being sung in Spanish. We love his weird melodies and the fact that he uses nylon guitars on his recordings—we call them Spanish guitars—they're very warm, sunny, Spanish."

2. When they're on a long drive

"For long drives, we love Glass Animals and Mac Demarco, they're very chill but still happy. We all have different playlists but we end up listening to the same music over and over because we don't have internet on the road. We also listen to The Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys."

3. When they're getting ready to go onstage

"Lately we've been listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival. Whenever we're feeling tired, or don't feel like playing—we're human beings, but we still have to get on stage and give a smile and do as much as we can. We also love the instrumental of 'In The Mood' we all love to listen to it and sing and dance."

4. When they need a pick me up

"When we're sad we watch a lot of movies. We love Woody Allen because they're lonely but still happy and they make us see the fun in sadness, and help us laugh at ourselves. There's a song on our record called 'And I Will Send Your Flowers Back,' that we wrote when we were all in a sad moment of our lives. It's for when you fall in love with someone you shouldn't, or you fall in love and you know it isn't going to work out. Every time I hear that song I'm brought back to that moment."

5. When they're dressing up to go out

"Public Access TV! We love listening to our friends' music. If we're going 'out out' we'll listen to rap—Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Angel Haze. We love 'Hotling Bling,' of course, we get crazy every time we hear it. And we love Angel Haze's 'Werkin Girls.' Hip hop just makes you feel so powerful and badass."

6. When they're on the dancefloor

"We really love a mix between the classic rock and roll songs we love and rap and hip hop and reggaeton. We really love dancing to reggaeton, we don't have particular songs or artists, we just love the same songs from when we were 13, like 'Noche de Sexo.' We really love being drunk and dancing all night and it's made for that, for dancing with other people."

7. When they're cooking at home with their parents

"I would put on The Beatles or Creedence Clearwater. My mom loves singing The Beatles, and I do too. And my dad is a big fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival. It's music we all feel the same about and love singing about."

8. When they're falling in love

"'My Kind of Woman' from Mac DeMarco. Those lyrics about love forever, and everything can work."

9. When they're falling out of love

"There's this song from The Virgins called 'Love Is Colder Than Death,' and also Bob Dylan, 'Don't Think Twice It's Alright.' It could have been worse, it could have been better, but I'm fine with it."

10. When they're indulging in guilty pleasures

"We really love singing pop melodies, like everyone. Those Bridget Jones kind of moments, like 'I Can't Live, If Living Is Without You.'"

11. When they're pissed

"There's this song called 'Puto' that's just rap, screaming, yelling all the time. And that's the chorus."

12. When they want to share music with someone new


Hinds Shares Their Favorite Songs For Every Mood