Obie Iyoha Prays For Forgiveness On “Lost In America”

January 11, 2016

Vivid scenes fueled by the frustrations of a misguided youth play out over a vibrant instrumental on Obie Iyoha's "Lost In America," the first track off the emcee/producer's forthcoming debut solo album Midnight Run, which is out January 22.

The 25-year-old son of Nigerian immigrants and the youngest member of the hip-hop collective The Black Opera, Iyoha both paints a colorful picture of his journey through picturesque lyrics (I'm hopping fences/ icy grip on my Air Forces) and a doleful, melodic acoustic backbone. As he explained in an email to The FADER, "'Lost in America' is a tale about the actions and consequences of peer pressure due to a lack of guidance. A looking-glass to going astray on the not-so-sunny side of America, as an African boy." Listen below.

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Obie Iyoha Prays For Forgiveness On “Lost In America”