Abir And Masego Get Down On “Wave”

This song sounds and feels amazing.

January 12, 2016

Two of the DMV-area's gems, Abir and Masego, have linked up to create euphoric vibes on the new single, "Wave."

The refreshing track produced by EFF3X is laced with energetic instrumentation absolutely perfect for getting down. Abir's electric vocals light up the song, and of course, Masego's saxophone outro creates a pulse guaranteed to give you all the positive feels.


"This record is a celebration of discovering my own personal sound and riding that wave," wrote Abir of the track in an email to The FADER. "There’s so much pressure as a new artist to conform and compete with what’s already popping—in my mind, that’s someone else’s wave and it might just crash into the rocks. Coming out of the DMV, I had been hearing about Masego for a minute, but I never met him before we linked at Blast Off Studios in New York — being the genuine and talented person that he is, he jumped on the record without hesitation."

You may have heard Abir's collaborations with artists, !llmind and Fabolous or witnessed Masego's performance at Trillecto or his feature the Goldlink album but, on this track they created a new wave together. And it's enjoyable to ride.

Abir And Masego Get Down On “Wave”