Tiga And Hudson Mohawke Team Up For A Trip To “Planet E”

“Alone, you can deliberate forever.”

January 12, 2016

"Planet E" channels the spirit of dance music from two decades ago. There's a simple repetitive hook that could be about drugs, love, outer space, or all three, and an invigorating buzzing texture courses through the track.

Tiga wrote about "Planet E"—and all the other songs that will appear on his forthcoming album—on Facebook: "This was a collaboration with Hudson Mohawke," he explained, "another kindred spirit I identified and subsequently befriended. We worked on it while waiting for a cab at the airport. The rest of the details are blurry; all I have in my notebook on Hudson for that day is 'Young, hip-hop—really good friends.' These kind of limitations are intentional; alone you can deliberate forever. But when you have to make someone else happy, all the personal anxieties go out the airport window and onto some baggage loader. Let him worry about staying current in an ever-evolving dance music landscape."


Listen below, and look for Tiga's No Fantasy Required March 4

Tiga And Hudson Mohawke Team Up For A Trip To “Planet E”