Dip Into East Cleveland With Kipp Stone’s “Cult Classic” Video

Fuck the fame.

January 12, 2016

East Cleveland rapper Kipp Stone kept it on the home front for the new video for his single, "Cult Classic," which is produced by Blokhead Johnny


Shot with a minimalist approach, the video is a simple portrayal of a warm, sepia-toned East Cleveland—the backyards, junky garages, and a flashes of Stone's squad posted up on the side of a car as Stone raps from the top show that he's only concerned with his craft and not the glitz of the typical rap video. Meanwhile, images of an Ohio neighborhood play on an old television screen propped on crates in a dark room where Stone sits, balancing both a malt liquor bottle and a woman on his lap with ease.

"The idea behind the 'Cult Classic' video was to show where I'm from, East Cleveland, Ohio," Stone wrote in an email to The FADER. "We wanted the video to look rugged and somewhat nostalgic. You really don't see people drinking 40's in videos anymore, so that, along with using an old television added to the vibe I think."

"I compare myself to Cult Classics because most works of art that is considered 'Cult Classic' tends to be well known, but not always that popular," he added. "It still gets the respect all while still flying a little under the radar. Simply put, I don't do it for the fame as much as I do it for the art.”

Dip Into East Cleveland With Kipp Stone’s “Cult Classic” Video