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Lil Bibby Stays Paranoid On “Can’t Trust A Soul”

FC3: The Epilogue is out soon.

January 12, 2016

If Lil Bibby's life was an action movie made in '90s, “Can't Trust A Soul” would have been its trailer music. Imagine the glitchy choral peaks over steely 808s soundtracking stunts and buildings exploding. Perfect, right? And who's that escaping turncoats and traitors in a sports car? Nicholas Cage, as Bibby (it is the '90s, after all). He might not have trust in his life, but that's because it's lonely at the top. FC3: The Epilogue, not in theatres February 5th.

Listen over at the MyMixtapez web player.

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Lil Bibby Stays Paranoid On “Can’t Trust A Soul”