Listen To The Golden Filter’s Tribute To David Bowie

Hero, where did you go?

January 13, 2016


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Among those mourning the loss of David Bowie are New York duo The Golden Filter , who have released an EP to make a final connection with the star. Over a synth melody, a few spare words repeatedly echo out to the legend from a faraway place: Hero, hero, where did you go?/ David Bowie The vocals are pleasurably haunting, laced with both resentment and resolution.


The band's Stephen Hindman told The FADER about a chance meeting with Bowie: "Back in 2000, when I was a web designer in N.Y.C. and making drum & bass on the side, the company I worked for made David Bowie's website," he explained. "My boss asked if I wanted him to give David a CD of my music. About three weeks later, I got an email forward from Bowie saying he loved my music and wanted to meet me."

"Three months later, backstage at his N.Y.C. show, I was introduced to him and he said, 'I love your music, it's so great to meet you!'" he continued. "I was stunned! He said he was off to Glastonbury and staying in the UK for a month or two, but that when he got back we should go in the studio and work on some music together. He kindly gave me his email address and I would end up emailing with him back and forth for a year and a half, but upon his return to N.Y.C. he and Iman had a baby, so things got really busy for him. I was always holding out hope that we'd follow through with working together, and this song 'David Bowie' was written as a call to let him know." Listen below.

Listen To The Golden Filter’s Tribute To David Bowie