Gravez Premieres Goldlink Remix, Announces Tour Dates

The Los Angeles-based producer shares his spin on “Zipporah.”

January 18, 2016

Gravez is best known for his artful bangers, but on his new remix for Goldlink, the Los Angeles-via-Atlanta producer takes a far more laidback approach. Gravez' take on "Zipporah" is SoundCloud church music, bringing the focus firmly to Goldlink's verses and the gospel choir on the song's chorus. It's a reinterpretation that shows off just how versatile the young producer is, and how mindful he is of the material at hand.

"After being presented with the opportunity to accompany Goldlink on his spring tour, I felt motivated to create something special that would encompass everything I loved about his debut, And After That, We Didn't Talk," Gravez told the FADER in an email. "Drawing from how exceptional the original is, I wanted to embody a similar gospel influence while giving it more of an electronic & organic-R&Bish spin."


Gravez will be joining Goldlink's recently announced US tour for three dates, playing sets in Toronto, Boston, and Philadelphia. Check the full tour dates after the jump, and listen to Gravez' remix of "Zipporah" below.

Gravez Premieres Goldlink Remix, Announces Tour Dates