Jeezy And Janelle Monáe Share “Sweet Life” Video

The artists get reflective on life in black America.

January 18, 2016

Jeezy has dropped his clip for the Janelle Monáe-featuring “Sweet Life” off his recently released Church In These Streets project. It's a reflective clip, with the Atlanta rapper at a desk reading over a newspaper printed with what could be his life, and Janelle Monáe as a guardian angel-type figure watching over his most formulative memories. Jeezy gave a statement on the clip to CNN, where it premiered.

“Ever since I came into this music game, I’ve tried to make motivational music, whether you’re on the corner hustling or in the corner office making power moves,” he said in the statement. “’Sweet Life’ is no different, but it’s a bit more of a personal track because I rap about my own trials and tribulations. I wanted this video, with Janelle Monae, to show what could have happened to me and does happen to African Americans every day...Whether it’s the criminal justice system, demonizing hip-hop culture in the media or crime within our own communities, I wanted to address these issues head-on visually.”
Jeezy And Janelle Monáe Share “Sweet Life” Video