Listen To Frameworks’ Harsh And Existential Two-Song EP

Time Spent features a pair of hard-hitting tracks about the perception of memory and happiness.

January 19, 2016

Hardcore dudes Frameworks have a new EP, Time Spent, due February 5 via Topshelf Records. The EP's two songs—"Worn Out" and "Time Spent"—are each meditations on the fickle nature of memory and happiness. Damn, Time Spent hits hard. So hard that it makes me want to blast it on repeat while reading existentialist literature and ruminating on what it means to want to create a personal narrative in the shadow of the knowledge of my inevitable demise.

Frameworks vocalist Luke Pate told The FADER that the EP's two tracks "were themed after a piece by [Nobel laureate and founder of behavioral economics] Daniel Kahneman who compared our experiencing selves and remembering selves as two different perceptions to happiness," he wrote in an email. "The songs were written from a personal perspective based on his concept." For instance, as Pate expanded, "'Worn Out' was written about the eventual hollow feeling that pursues anything passionate and learning to work through it."


Stream Time Spent below, and pre-order the EP here.

Listen To Frameworks’ Harsh And Existential Two-Song EP