Listen To A Scrappily Tender New Instrumental By Giuseppe Ielasi

Error Broadcast will release the Milan guitarist/producer’s new Inventing Masks project on February 12.

January 20, 2016

Inventing Masks is the name of a new project from Milan guitarist/producer Giuseppe Ielasi. Berlin label Error Broadcast will release his self-titled debut album this February 12, and nestled at its heart is an instrumental that has the quiet charm of a wind-up clock. "4'32''" also has a touch of Kwes and Sampha's early productions to it, namely a scrappy tenderness that commands attention.

"I always end up producing most of my music in summertime," Ielasi told The FADER in an email. "And in many cases outside my studio, as if I need to escape the same room and setup where I spend my working hours doing post-production and mastering for other people in order to focus on my own music. Inventing Masks was all done in a small apartment in the Alps, where me and my family retired for two months to escape the heatwave in Milano. It’s the first time I’m not releasing music using my own name. I somehow felt I needed to differentiate my post-'stunt' productions (sample based, more strictly rhythmic) from the rest (which is still very eclectic anyway). On why this has happened now, I have no idea."

Listen To A Scrappily Tender New Instrumental By Giuseppe Ielasi