Watch Nimmo’s “UnYoung” Video

Battling death via dance.

January 21, 2016

"We've grown in this kind of organic way that a lot of bands don't really anymore," Nimmo's Reva Gauntlett told FADER last year. "A lot of bands record in the studio, get [a single] out, it gets loads of blog action, then they play their first live show and it sells out. Whereas we're the kids that were in the back of the pub, playing to no one, for like, seven years now."


The band shared the clip for "UnYoung" today. The quick cuts—from a dancer to a makeout session to an indoor pyrotechnics display—and a close-up shot of a lone eyeball darting from side to side imbue the visual with nervous energy. Watch above.

Watch Nimmo’s “UnYoung” Video