This Is What “Brewfurd” Means In Chicago

In the seventh episode of The Slang Show, G-Herbo introduces us to a word from his hometown.

January 22, 2016

There's a rare kind of pleasure that comes from discovering a word that sounds exactly like its meaning—a sort of conceptual onomatopoeia. That's exactly the case with "brewfurd," a term of derision used by Chicagoans as all manner of insult. The word can mean a goof, a square, a jerk, or, ultimately, somebody who tries to be something they're not, says G-Herbo. "If you a brewfurd, you can't even come around me. I despise you," he explains.


Watch the seventh installment of The Slang Show to find out what "brewfurd" means in Chicago, and stay tuned to The FADER for more on your favorite artists' favorite colloquialisms.

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This Is What “Brewfurd” Means In Chicago