GETOVERHER Is Just Trying To Move On In His “Baby Oil” Video

Please leave me alone, but not alone.

January 22, 2016

GETOVERHER takes us on an honest journey about hurt feelings on "Baby Oil," a song produced by Konrad OldMoney. Facing the shimmers of the nighttime in Queens, he raps over a high-rise balcony about a lost love. In the video, his muse leads him into a flirtatious game of hide and seek and brings a smile to his face.


As the rapper told The FADER in an email, "I lost two important women in my life. One was a deeply depressed drug addict who lost her battle with heroin and the other was the love of my life who to this day I'm still terrified of."

He continued, "As much as I overthink and regret what I did and didn't do for them, I'm learning to move on and songwriting is my therapy aside from the booze. I'd like to focus on living in the moment in order to finally get over the past. "Baby Oil" is my prerequisite. The visuals were shot guerrilla style where I was born and raised in Southside Jamaica, Queens by my high school partner in crime, Johan Chiriboga."

Stay tuned to GETOVERHER's Soundcloud for upcoming releases and a full version of the song.

GETOVERHER Is Just Trying To Move On In His “Baby Oil” Video